Scottish bingo player overdue to collect lucky car

Picking up a big win at the bingo is certainly an event that is worth celebrating; however, it is important to remember to pick up the big prize in the first place...

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William Hill Bingo have announced that their latest Fiat Panda giveaway has been peppered with unfortunate little instances that has made the lucrative competition run a little less smoothly than they would like.

While the winners of the first three Fiat Panda cars have all be well deserving, there has been one little hiccup concerning their ability to drive their new vehicle. Not a single person among William Hill Bingo's first three Fiat Panda winners have been able to drive their new prize home for themselves; all have had to be accompanied by somebody else who was capable of getting their new proud and joy to their house!

Many of the lucky new Fiat Panda owners have never picked up a prize in their life; needless to say that they were all quite happy to start their winning streaks with such a superb first prize.

Despite this, one lucky winner almost didn't end up with their prize as they were no where to be seen when the time came to claim their new car. The prize was neglected to be claimed by a player by the name of 'Big Momma'.

“You couldn’t make it up – we had the vehicle ready on the low loader for the trip to Aberdeen,” commented William Hill spokesman Tony Kenny.

“But then we failed to locate the winner a lady called Shona – who has the somewhat unusual internet nickname of Big Momma.”

In reaction to Big Momma failing to turn up to claim her prize, William Hill's district manager for Aberdeen took to the city streets and announced her win to everybody via megaphone!

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