Sisters shocking car win with William Hill Bingo

When playing online bingo, there are many things that you might expect to encounter, such as virtual cards, a caller and chatty array of players; however, leaving such a bingo game with brand new car is not something that would usually feature on that list...

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Lucky, for two sisters in Wales, this is exactly what happened; within days of signing up and playing their first game at William Hill Bingo, they had found that they had managed to win themselves a brand new Fiat Panda in one of William Hill's special promotions.

Sisters Casey  and Darnell Groon (who are 19 and 25 years of age respectively) live in the seaside resort of Rhyl in Wales; the game which they shared in order to win the £6,000 Fiat Panda was their first at William Hill Bingo, so it is entirely understandable why the news took a short while to sink in.

In a comic twist to the story, Darnell did not quite comprehend the magnitude of the prize she and her sister had managed to win; after receiving a phone call to inform her of the prize from a member of William Hill Bingo's staff, she initially believed that the panda she had won was in fact a teddy bear! Naturally, this left her bemused at the fact that William Hill Bingo would trouble themselves to inform her of such a relatively paltry prize.

“I like the bingo halls the Gala or Apollo with my sister and mum, but I was well shocked when I got the phone call telling me about the win,” commented Darnell.

“When the lady told me I had won a Panda – I thought she meant a sort of teddy bear.”

“I was speaking to my mum later and told her that William Hill had phoned me up to tell me I’d won a Panda and she said ‘Oh my God – it’s not a bear it’s a blooming car,” she added.

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