Bovine bingo makes a splat in America

In America, Autumn Fairs have been taking part in some unique forms of old casino classics: 'Bovine Bingo' has been making the gaming headlines, as livestock helps people to win prizes...

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Instead of a normal bingo calling system, where a dedicated caller will announce the numbers that have been picked from the machine, a normal field full of cows is used – the natural excretions of the cows (more commonly known as 'cow pats') are used as a novel, if somewhat unsightly method of picking winning numbers over the course of the game.

The game was initiated this year by dairy farmers in Geneva, Illinois; they decided to inject a little fun into their annual 'fall fair' by initiating the game that they have affectionately dubbed as 'Cow Chip Bingo'.

It goes without saying that Cow Chip Bingo operates in a different manner to the regular version of the game: six cows are allowed to roam over a large field that has been marked with 100 individual square in order to make a bingo grid; players are then allowed to purchase a square at $5 a piece, if a cow “chooses” that square, the player will then win a prize.

The fall fair was held late in September, with the purpose of the slightly unusual cow-based bingo game being to help raise much needed money for the Geneva Park District Foundation. The funds that are raised at the fall fair will be put to many great uses across the Geneva Park District; the foundation's goal is “enhance” quality of life for all the residents who live around the park.

"The farmer does try to feed them ahead of time. We have a game about every half-hour. We do try to spread it out.” commented spokesperson Traci Wicks.

“There are still tickets available. We recommend that people buy ahead of time because usually the first four games are sold out by the time the festival begins, but sometimes they are all sold out.” she added.

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