Bingo customers get to the bottom 'haunted bingo hall mystery'

There have been some strange goings on in one particular bingo hall in the United Kingdom recently, with some bingo loving ghost hunters have been getting in on the action...

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It seems that a certain Mecca Bingo hall has been making the headlines! Members of the The Ghost Club in Rosehill teamed up with regular bingo hall customers in order to get to the bottom of a mystery that has been plaguing the bingo hall for some time. The conundrum in question is the 'Grey Man' mystery, which concerns a grade two listed building from the 1930s. Bingo customers came together with The Ghost Club members in order to stage a séance to make contact with one of the bingo hall's most elusive member. In order to “get in touch' with the alleged ethereal character, the incredibly innovative Ghost Club members enlisted the help of a crystal ball, which served to aid them in their fruitful endeavour.

Customers who were involved in the evening's activities spoke of their intrigue and sense of terror as the ghostly evening ensued; Laura Teakle, a participant in the séance, claimed that she hear a number of “unexplained” sounds, as well as seeing a “bright light move quickly in the shape of an arc”. Mrs Teakle admitted that she was usually “quite cynical” about these kinds of things, but had very little choice but to revise her opinion when faced with such clear and overwhelming evidence.

The events have certainly caused a buzz within the bingo community in the United Kingdom. Many customers have declared their gratefulness for indulging in bingo online, where they are almost certain to avoid spooks, ghouls and other things that “go bump in the night”...

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