Two million pounds won within six months at local bingo

It is well known that luck is often found in streaks and runs and there has certainly been a lucky streak in action at a leading Hartlepool bingo hall in recent months.

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Over the course of the last six months, the casino has paid out a whopping two million pounds in cash prizes. A major bingo hall has been responsible for making some of the residents of Hartlepool a great deal richer. The majority of the humungous cash prizes were dished out on a mere two separate occasions, once in January and once in June of this year. The back to back wins have helped to put Hartlepool on the map and it is now widely considered one of the most significant bingo areas for bingo lovers in the United Kingdom.

Despite the massive wins, Hartlepool is not quite at the top of the prize leader board for the North East just yet; it sits in third position, behind Hull and Stockton, which hold second and third positions respectively.

The massive amounts of cash that have helped Hartlepool to bridge the gap between the two current leaders were distributed at a house main stage game, as well as a cash-line game. Grand Night Out events, who organise monthly games at the bingo establishment and are responsible for a large part of the cash, have since confirmed that they have given away seventeen million pounds throughout the local area during 2011, as well as a stunning one hundred and sixty million pounds throughout the entire United Kingdom.

A representative for the Hartlepool bingo hall described the payouts as “fantastic”; he added that “the chance of winning a sum of money that will give you a boost are huge”.

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