106-year-old praises bingo

Keeping your brain active and your mind sharp is one of the most pressing concerns that you are likely to encounter as you get older. One avid bingo fan has been busy recently, explaining why her passion has kept her mental acuity high well into her golden years...

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Ada Barclay is 106-years-old and has credited her superb mental agility and sharpness to regular doses of her favourite pastime; she even says that it has also helped her to retain a level of physical fitness that she is extremely proud of.

It is easy to see why bingo has become such a popular endeavour around the globe; it is easy to pick up, fast-paced, exciting and incredibly enjoyable. This superb mix of vital entertaining elements, coupled with the all-reaching power of the internet, has meant that bingo has gone from strength to strength in recent years, particularly with the younger generation, who have been drawn into the excellent highlights that the classic game has to offer.

Despite this, it is the older generation that is attracting attention, as Ada tells her own personal story of why exactly she enjoys the game so much. She claims that it is regular rounds of bingo that help to contribute to her high energy levels and overall good health. Ada also says that she enjoys the social inclusion element of the game, a benefit of bingo that is often highlighted by those who play it. It is even thought that online bingo has enjoyed such massive levels of success, at least partly due to the strong ties it has with the popular concept of social networking.

With Ada's secret to seemingly eternal youth now out of the bag, it appears that many more people will be turning to bingo to help them stay as mentally sharp as possible.

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