News of the World Bingo shuts down

Sun Bingo

Yet another gambling operator has had to cease operations this month, as New of the World Bingo takes leave of the online bingo market...

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News of the World Bingo joins Millionaire Casino in closure, with popular online poker provider Full Tilt Poker looking increasingly likely to join the two departed gambling website by August.

Despite the timely demise of all three, New of the World Bingo is closing for very different reasons to the other two. Full Tilt Poker and Millionaire Casino were hit by the events of 'Black Friday', where the United States Government indicted a number of leading online gaming operators. Meanwhile, News of the World Bingo is closing due to the scandal that has hit the News of the World newspaper.

Sunday 10th July saw the United Kingdom's most popular newspaper printing its final edition; the publication was forced into closure after it was rocked by allegations of phone hacking and corruption. Among the charges against the newspaper which are currently being investigated, include accusations that the phone of murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler's parents. There are also allegations that the publication hacked the phones of families of soldiers who were killed in action.

The News of the World, and consequently the News of the World Bingo were owned by Australian-born billionaire Rupert Murdoch. Players who were registered with the website have been informed that their login details have been transferred across to sister-website The Sun Bingo (which is also owned by Mr Murdoch).

Although their customers have been transferred to another website, there have been reports that some are not satisfied with the switch, which will likely mean that there will be an opportunity for other online bingo operators to acquire themselves some new customers in the weeks ahead.

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