Cassava operated casinos cause customer outrage

There has been an outcry in the world of online bingo, as players are banned from several Cassava operated casinos...

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Cassava Enterprises are currently one of the biggest operators at work in the online gaming market; they own some of the online bingo's biggest and most well known bingo website – these include Foxy Bingo, 888ladies Bingo, Wink Bingo, ABC Bingo, Shampoo bingo and many, many more. The company operate under a license which was granted to them in Gibraltar.

The problems come as numerous customers found themselves inexplicably banned from Cassava operated casinos. There has been no official explanation for the spate of bans, however, many players have been suggesting that the bans could have come as a result of suspected bonus-claiming abuse – this is thought to have arisen to the inefficiencies of Cassava's withdrawal processes.

Many players have been informed that they will be unable to access a number of popular online services after withdrawing their winnings online. Those who are still able to access Cassava operated websites will have to wait between six and nine days to get their hands on their account funds.

The actions by Cassava Enterprises has left many players anxious that they will be unable access a large portfolio of online bingo websites in the future, however, other former customers have replied with outrage as they condemn the company's actions – particularly the lack of an official explanation, which has left the entire online bingo community attempting to piece together an explanation of their own.

The spate of bans is thought to have damaged both Cassava's reputation and profits, as many online bingo fans will be seeking to boycott the company in the future, as they search for an online bingo operator who providers their services on a more stable and trustworthy platform.

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