Bingo leads to a happy and healthy retirement

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There has long been a stereotype of a regular bingo player being more advanced in their years; now it seems that bingo can be a great way to help people ensure that they maintain a “healthy ageing” process.

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The latest research comes out of Rush University Medical Centre in Chicago, and has revealed that bingo can be one of best ways of helping older people to stay more active as they advance in life. The research was conducted over a sample size of over 954 people and was primarily aimed to assessing the ageing habits of its participants.; it showed that those who participated in a very sociable activity (including bingo) had almost double the chance of maintaining a high degree of independence later in life. The study was undergone over a large number of years; it featured a wide array of people with differing backgrounds and interests, which included sporting and leisure activities; social habits and nutritional intake. The sample was then asked about their ability to perform tasks for themselves (referred to as their ability to complete “core tasks”), completely without assistance. This led to the revelation that patients of a more sociable activities background, were able to perform almost twice as many of these 'core tasks' independently.

With online bingo becoming one of the fastest growing pastimes in the United Kingdom, bingo enthusiasts will be pleased at the news that their preferred hobby (while still being a lucrative opportunity to make some money), is also potentially a superb means of maintaining their health in old age. Needless to say that not a great many people will need continuing encouragement, or more of an excuse to grab themselves a few bingo cards and indulge in one of the entertainment industry's absolute classics!

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