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Unstoppable bookmakers William Hill throw their hat into the online bingo arena as they present their off-shoot brand 'Ruby Bingo'.

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Having grown their high-street bookmaker roots and established a successful poker room as well as an award-winning online casino, William Hill have entered the online bingo fray and launched Ruby Bingo – where value for money is the name of the game.

Ruby Bingo is no different from any other of William Hill's online ventures: it's all about customer service and satisfaction.

Ruby Bingo customers are treated to both by the bucket-load, with a fantastic array of promotions and offers just waiting to be taken advantage of. For example, Ruby Bingo take a more is more approach to their freebies with their 'Buy One Get Five Free' promotions. Every Wednesday night during January, players who participate in games in the 'Bit Of Fun' room will be treated to five free tickets for every one they buy (between the hours of 5pm and midnight).

As well as freebies, there are also offers based purely on giving customers value and the option to spend a little less: 'Low Cost Tickets' in the 'Royal Court' room does just this by allowing Ruby Bingo customers to purchase tickets from as little as 2p, and it is available daily from 9am to 12pm.

For those looking for a little more action, there is no need to be alarmed, Ruby Bingo also have some huge prizes up for grabs. Friday nights (between 7pm and 11pm) bears witness to their 'Cometh the Ton' promotion where a prize pool of £500 is divided every hour on the hour, giving customers five separate opportunities to net themselves a cool £100.

There's plenty more unbelievable deals to be found at Ruby Bingo's promotions page, which are sure to make it every bit the success that William Hill's other brands have already become.

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