Mecca Bingo customer inks her bingo love

Mecca Bingo

Getting a tattoo can be a nerve-wracking experience for anybody; you need to decide what tattoo to go for, including the colour, style and size. Aside from the initial pain and discomfort of getting the tattoo done, there is also the unescapable fact that once that tattoo has been put on your skin, it is going to be very difficult indeed to get rid of. Therefore, finally calming those jitters is a tricky business.

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For one Mecca Bingo customer, a tattoo that she decided to get showed her complete commitment to the bingo cause!

The Mecca Bingo customer in question is a 24-year-old woman from Cheshire called Kate Hoyle, who during her first pregnancy started playing Bingo at a Mecca Bingo hall. Although Kate initially only started frequenting the bingo halls to keep her mind busy whilst she awaited the birth of her daughter, she instantly fell head over heels in love with the game.

In a natural progression, she took her love of the game online and began searching the popular social networking site Facebook for a fan page of her local Mecca Bingo hall. While browsing for the fan page, Kate noticed that there were messages which said that a local tattoo artist was offering a discount for Mecca Bingo. The offer stated: “If anyone wants to get a Mecca Bingo tattoo, we'll foot the bill and pay for a year's free bingo!”.

This may not have been a tempting offer for the vast-majority of people, however, the plucky young Kate had already had four tattoos done previously and leapt at the opportunity to bag herself a year of free bingo.

So what exactly is the problem with this story? Mecca Bingo got their publicity from the promotion, and Kate got herself a year of the game she loves for free.

Everyone's a winner, right?

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