Bingo trend set to continue

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The internet has seen some of the most unpredictable trends that anyone could have possibly imagined, but many professionals within the world of online gambling would have been hard-pressed to guess exactly how popular online bingo would become.

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One of the main reasons cited for the huge boost in popularity of the old game is down to the sheer convenience of being able to play bingo from the comfort of one’s own home; there are also some unbelievable prizes up for grabs available from tickets that cost literally pennies.

Many people believed that the golden age of bingo had long gone, as it was way back in the 1950's that bingo first game to the public's attention as an enjoyable pastime – later, by the early 1960's, bingo was enjoying unprecedented levels of popularity, particularly in the United States, where there were over 14 million members signed up to bingo halls over the country.

Unfortunately, things weren't set to continue for the bingo halls of the United States and UK, as the new generations failed to see the same appeal in the game as their elders and bingo managed to fall somewhat by the wayside. Bingo halls waned in popularity until reaching a record slump; there are currently around 600 working bingo halls in the UK, which is a great deal less than there used to be back in their prime.

The online version of bingo has easily surpassed the traditional land-based format, which has led to a popular UK newspaper pointing out how popular the game is becoming amongst a new younger generation of players. With big-name brands such as Sky at the helm of a resurgence of funding and advertising for the game, it looks like the great institution of bingo is in no danger of becoming obsolete...

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