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Everyone loves getting something for nothing; so it comes as no surprise to hear that Sky Bingo is fast becoming one of the hottest names in bingo, thanks in no small part to the generous freebies that they are offering their new customers.

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One of the undeniable draws to Sky Bingo is the free bingo available every day.

Sky Bingo has a whole host of different rooms to suit different moods and pockets of all sizes: This comes in the form of the Penny Room, Variety Room (which is only available on Sunday) and the Value Room. There are free games available at scheduled hours in all of these rooms (the listings schedules can be accessed on Sky Bingo's online promotions page), with the Value room boasting an impressive £50 free game every evening at 7pm.

Sky Bingo has also given their customers even more opportunities to win big with their 'Daily Triple Play' promotion. This provides customers with the chance to earn some serious cash in one of their three big money, great value games. Prizes and ticket costs vary from the £100 games, which have ticket prices at a mere 1p, to the whopping £1000 games, which are only a slightly more costly 10p.

Sky Bingo have been quick to point out that their new daily triple play offers are not simply a gimmicky, fly-by-night promotion: these fantastic opportunities are very much here to stay.

For those looking for a big win, there is also Sky Bingo's 'Bingo Linx' games which take place every day in their 90 ball bingo rooms. These games have guaranteed prizes of £1,500 up to a cool £4,000; culminating in a monthly super Bingo Linx game on the last Sunday of every month, which has a stunning cash prize of £10,000.

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