Virgin Bingo Daily Sessions.

Virgin Bingo

Virgin Bingo are continuing their quest to become the all powerful force in the world of online gaming at the minute by offering up their hugely popular daily sessions to gamers, as well as knocking together a range of brand new games which have landed this month already.

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Yes, the team behind the scenes at the Virgin Bingo site have been extremely busy this month, but behind all the new offers and games are some classic promotions, such as the Daily Sessions which are still very much playing out right now at the Virgin Bingo site. The Monday session at Virgin is the 'Penny Bingo Book' session in which you gamers can purchase Star, Sun and Moon books costing 15p for all five games. The prize money is guaranteed in this session and it is £25, not huge but certainly worth winning and not bad for only 15p a pop.
'Bingo Gold' is another of these fine sessions, which might have been overlooked in recent times by gamers and critics alike as the constant flow of new games begin to steal all the headlines, and these events play out on a Tuesday night, boasting as they do £75 in cash. In Wednesday’s session, gamers are able purchase one page and get the rest free, so this means four free pages of bingo! A fine deal by anyone’s standards. Play at 6:30, 7:30 and 8:30pm and spend 12p for a final page pay out of £50.
Though the amount of cash on offer in these sessions may not be life changing, there is plenty to get excited about over at the Virgin Bingo site and these special offers are just the tip of the iceberg. So, next time you visit Virgin, have a glimpse under the surface, as there is plenty to enjoy.

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