Longer Opening Hours at Tea and Bingo.

Tea and Bingo

Tea and Bingo, a site which since its launch has become one of the best loved on the web, now have even longer opening hours for some of their popular rooms. As you might expect, having longer opening hours makes for a whole host of additional games and, this being the true crux of the matter, many of these brand new games are going to be free bingo events, allowing for the maximum amount of entertainment, risking none of the bingo budget; wonderful stuff indeed from one of the brighter stars on the online bingo radar.

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These fine free bingo games take place at 2.30pm, 5pm, 7pm, 8.30pm and 10pm and this is every single day to boot. If you already play your bingo over at Tea and Bingo, make sure you play in these games because you'll surely not want to miss out on a single chance to win cash for nothing, something which can never get old.
As you may imagine, this move has been welcomed by critics and gamers alike, not just due to the increase in free bingo games, but it is always good to see a provider listening to the needs of their public. Tea and Bingo have been making some very impressive waves across the online bingo community already this year and as such, 2011 is already shaping up to be quite a cracker.
To find out more about these changes, and to sample some of the free bingo bounty for yourselves, why not pop on over to the Tea and Bingo website this month? New gamers are being welcomed to the site with open arms and, once you've signed on the virtual dotted line, there are plenty of games and events to keep you occupied, some of which won't cost you a penny to enter. Now that is the way it should be, right?

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