Latest Winners List at Sun Bingo Released.

Sun Bingo

With winners being created every few minutes over at the Sun Bingo site, the number of players who have their lives changed on a daily basis seems to be ever increasing at the moment over at this fine online gaming site.

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Of course, many of you will have already enjoyed the fruits of this site, a place which is often considered to be one of the best bingo sites on the net these days and, with wins such as the ones we are about to mention, it is easy to see why they're so very popular at the moment. Yes, Sun Bingo is all about making you players richer, and the following lucky gamers can confirm this as fact.
For starters, the player who plays under the alias of 'bingbongwingwong', a catchy name indeed, won a cool grand at the Sun Bingo site yesterday, not bad at all for a simple Thursday bingo catch-up I'm sure you will all agree. However, this individual was far from the only gamer to win big at the Sun Bingo site yesterday, as the gamer who plays under the assumed name of 'Tombo' also claimed a four figure amount, £1,328 to be precise.
Still, as is often the case, these wins, as impressive as they undoubtedly are, have been blown clean out of the water this morning as the gamer who calls herself 'dl0121' who has won over £6,000 at Sun Bingo! These fantastic victories are not surprising however, when you consider the sheer number of games which are on offer over at Sun Bingo these days, and even if you simply pay the site a quick visit, there is a countdown to the next event in the corner of the page.

So, if you are looking to perhaps win a fine pot, in one of many bingo events, then perhaps you should pop on over to Sun Bingo today!

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