Ruby Bingo and Their Famed BOGTF Games.

Ruby Bingo

Ruby Bingo are currently offering players a real bargain when it comes to bingo at the moment, with their famed Buy One Get Two Free deals. Of course, here at, we do our best not to repeat ourselves, but on occasion it is worth reminding you gamers of a promotion or two, especially if they're as impressive as the ones currently on offer over at the Ruby Bingo site, which is run by the same team as William Hill Bingo.

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We are all probably more than a little familiar with the concept of BOGOF bingo, as this kind of deal has been on offer for some time at many of the big name bingo sites, but over at the Ruby Bingo site, the next step has been achieved. Logically speaking, BOGOF bingo could only really be followed by the introduction of BOGTF bingo, which is very much on offer at Ruby this month.
Their will to go the extra mile for their gamers is something which should be applauded, but then again, we may well have come to expect such treatment from the team behind the scenes at Ruby Bingo of late, as they clearly know what their gamers want. From welcome deals to special free bingo games, it is all on offer and in a very enticing and attractive environment to boot.
So, if you are a fan of bargains, this may well be a site which appeals to you. For more information on both these special BOGTF bingo games, as well as details on how to become a member (as you will need to have signed up at Ruby in order to enjoy these deals) pop on over to the Ruby Bingo site today where all the terms and conditions can be found.

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