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Mirror Bingo has continued their habit of making players significantly better off this week by paying out some huge amounts of cash. Yes, November is looking like being a very impressive month over at the Mirror Bingo site with players claiming very large slices of the proverbial pie. There have been some truly outstanding side game victories this week already, and here for your delectation are just a brief selection of these wonderful wins. Those of you who are partial to bouts of jealousy may well wish to look away now.
First up is the gamer who plays under the alias of 'lori44'. This lucky individual claimed over £2,000 thanks to her commitment and good fortune over at the Mirror Bingo site this week. Though this win took place at the beginning of the week, we would imagine that she is still smiling! Next up is the gamer who pays under the name of 'rainy64'. This gamer won a similar amount, beating the £2,000 mark in some style and our congratulations go out to this gamer and her family, who are surely very chirpy at the moment.
Of course, these two wins are merely drops in the ocean as over at the Mirror Bingo site, victories are coming thick and fast. The best win of the week thus far has to be the one enjoyed by the gamer who plays under the name of 'alicat508'. Not content with smashing the £2,000 barrier, this lucky gamer ended up claiming a hugely impressive £7,632. What a fine way to make up for the winter onslaught of dark evenings! To see the full winners list for yourself, and to sample some of the fine games which created these wins, pop on over to the Mirror Bingo site today.

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