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Foxy Bingo is a site which caters for most tastes and quirks, which might go some way to explaining their popularity at the minute. However, there are games available at the Foxy Bingo site with which some of you may be hugely unfamiliar, assuming you are able to sleep at night that is.

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Yes, Foxy has insomnia covered these days thanks to some very impressive games. These Night Owl bingo games as they are advertised on the Foxy Bingo site play from 2am until 5am on Wednesday mornings and are designed with those who have trouble getting some shut-eye in mind; as they state on their website, gamers who are awake at this time of night would be a 'twit-twoo to miss out'. It may sound cheesy but it's true.
These special Night Owl events are perfect for gamers whose lifestyles do not necessarily fit the norm, which is a very pleasing thing as gamers who work odd hours may have their bingo experiences limited at other sites. Not at Foxy Bingo however, and there is much more on offer over at Foxy at the minute than just late night events.
At the Foxy Bingo site right now, the number of Happy Hours on offer is also rather sizeable. These special bargain bingo games now run on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays, giving you gamers far more value for your money and allowing for bingo to be enjoyed, even on a budget. Happy Hours consist of Free Bingo games, penny bingo and Ten Penny Falls, all of which boast some impressive jackpots.

So, if you are currently looking for a site that cares about its gamers, then Foxy Bingo might well be right up your street this month. From late night games which allow for some very entertaining hours, and special Happy Hour events, everything is covered over at the Foxy Bingo site. For more details, why not pay them a visit?

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