Posh Bingo Announce New Year Bonanza

Posh Bingo

Posh Bingo has, over the course of the weekend, announced plans for a big New Year’s event at their site. Though there is plenty of time to practice before this big New Year’s game takes place, the team behind the scenes at Posh Bingo clearly want to ensure that you gamers are given a fair amount of notice, so that you do not miss out on what is looking like being one of the highlights of the year in bingo terms. Taking place on the 1st of January, this big event boasts a prize which will please anyone who is a fan of home entertainment as gamers can walk away from this big game with a very impressive system, worth in excess of £2,500.
The game itself takes place at 9.45pm, giving you bingo lovers plenty of chances to recover from the previous evening’s celebrations, before starting your yearly bingo escapades with one of the best loved and best known sites on the web right now. Indeed, most of you will already be familiar with the Posh Bingo name and the games they have on offer at the minute. For those of you who are not currently members at Posh, however, now is a good time to remedy this fact as gamers are currently being welcomed in with open arms and given a good old fashioned bonus or two to boot.
Tickets for this particular event are a pound each, but you do have plenty of time to save up for this big game, one which will play, perhaps unsurprisingly on the 'TV' pattern. To find out more about this game, as well as some of the equally pleasing events which are coming up before the new year arrives over at the Posh Bingo site, why not pop on over and pay them a visit today?

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