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Though the weekend is often the part of the week which brings the most joy into our lives, at Think Bingo at the minute, the warm up to the weekend is also rather impressive, as the games which are on offer both tonight and on a Friday evening go to illustrate rather nicely.

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Yes, there are games galore taking place at Think Bingo these days, and tonight would be a fine time to start your Think Bingo membership with a bang. See, on a Thursday evening, gamers can take place in a game known pleasingly as 'The Thursday Thriller'. As this name suggests, there is plenty to be enjoyed in this particular little pre-weekend smasher. There are prize pots of up to £1,000 on offer in these games and, as tickets are only 25 pence each, that's a very generous amount of cash for so little an entry fee.
These games kick off at 9pm on a Thursday night, but do not fear, if you happen to be unfortunate enough to have missed this particular event, Friday nights are also pretty impressive to say the least over at the Think Bingo site. Film fans should pay particular attention to these Friday night games which play under the title of 'Movie Madness'. In these events, gamers get the chance to walk away with a home cinema system, perfect for enjoying those blockbusters on!
To find out more about these pre-weekend events, why not nip across to the Think Bingo website today? Of course, come Saturday and Sunday, there are still plenty of games and promotions to enjoy over at Think, but the warm up is pretty impressive to boot. For more details, visit the Think Bingo site today.

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