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Betfred Bingo

Betfred Bingo are currently offering an array of top notch promotions on a daily basis, ensuring that the whole of the working week is complemented by bingo action, the likes of which you may have trouble finding anywhere else. To begin with, over at Betfred there are the 'Betfred Daily Doubles' which run, as their name suggests, on a daily basis, allowing for entertainment on a grand scale.

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To be eligible for this double win, gamers need to reach the full house, have been playing for the full hour and send a simple 'TY' (which is Thank You)  to the presiding moderator and twice the amount of winning will appear in your accounts. It's simple, but an effective prospect none the less.

The hour in question changes from week to week however, so to make sure you don't miss out, pop over to Betfred Bingo and check to see what this week’s designated 'Daily Double' hour is. Safe to say that with twice the amount of prizes on offer, it's the kind of deal which warrants further investigation.
Betfred Bingo is also offering their famous Buy One Get One Free games all week. These games play at 8pm every single day and run until the 'Crown Jewel' game at 10pm, giving you gamers extra chances to deal with those bingo pangs you may be suffering from.
Of course, only fully signed up members can take part in these events over at the Betfred Bingo site, which means that you gamers out there who like the sound of these promotions, but are not already part of the Betfred Bingo family will need to remedy said issue before you can take part in the action. To find out more about not only becoming a member, but also these daily pots and promotions, visit the Betfred Bingo site today for further details, including both terms and conditions.

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