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At the popular Sky Bingo website, gamers can witness a constant flow of successful aliases scroll across the page. Though having a visible winners list is standard fare for many online gaming websites, the Sky Bingo homepage features up to the minute wins, and as this is Sky Bingo we are talking about, there are a lot to get through.

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Though November is but a few days old, there has already been some very impressive victories taking place at what is fast becoming one of the best loved online bingo sites going, Sky Bingo. Here are just a few of the more recent wins which have rocked this site since November began.    
First up is the gamer who plays under the alias of 'roofer61'. This lucky gentlemen claimed a very pleasing £450 thanks to a simple hours worth of 90 ball online bingo over at the Sky Bingo site, ensuring that his November kicked off with a bang. The gamer who plays under the moniker of 'becky167' is one of many gamer to claim a slice of the cash in recent times, bagging over £100, and doing so whilst spending no more than 10 pence on a ticket.
Though none of these wins could realistically be considered life changing in terms of quantity, the quality is unquestionable, as are the entertainment levels which each of the games which are on offer over at the Sky Bingo site provide. Though November is barely upon us, Sky Bingo are already looking to make many gamers much better off. To find out more about the kind of deals which gamers can currently enjoy over at the Sky Bingo site, why not pay them a visit, and hopefully make November a month to remember?

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