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Posh Bingo have recently announced news of some very pleasing wins and their site is currently adorned  with details of victories which will certainly get you gamers in the mood to challenge for the big money jackpots.

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Of course, the majority of sites out there on the world wide web are more than happy to advertise their big victories, but when these wins are particularly pleasing, it would be a mistake not to advertise them in a very large font. Posh Bingo is one such site which is all about sharing the joy, and if you happen to nip over to their site at the moment, you'll be able to see for yourselves just how generous the team behind the scenes at Posh have been in recent weeks.
Indeed it would appear that the Posh team simply cannot stop paying out fantastical sums of money at the moment and the latest wins at the site are as impressive as you might expect for a website with the reputation that Posh Bingo boasts. There are of course numerous promotions on offer at the Posh Bingo site at the minute, each boasting the kind of jackpot which even the most sensible gamer would admit is very much worth winning. Plenty of gamers in October managed to top the £1,000 mark, including the following bingo fanatics; the gamer who plays under the alias of 'moneymark22' claimed over a grand thanks to the side games over at Posh, and the gamer who plays under the name of 'janlaxxx' won nearly twice this amount!
The team bingo tournament was also won in style in October with the 'Team Domitius' claiming the victory, sharing a massive 85,000 bonus points between them. November is finally here which means that there are plenty of new events taking place at Posh Bingo and, if lady luck happens to smile down upon you, perhaps your name could adorn the winner’s page at this fine site in a few weeks time?

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