Another Slots Game Released at Virgin Bingo.

Virgin Bingo

Virgin Bingo is a name which brings about instant mental images of value and entertainment in many a gamer, but recently, the buzzword at Virgin Bingo has to be 'new' as they have released a string of brand new games for you bingo lovers to sample over the last few weeks. From full on bingo events to slots, there have been an array of games lovingly presented at the Virgin Bingo site recently, and the Mega-Moolah slots game is the latest in a long line.

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Having been in operation for a few days already, the Mega-Moolah slots game, which is another brand new offering from the team behind the scenes at Virgin, has already been met with a hugely popular response, and having sampled the game ourselves, it is easy to see why it is so popular, even after such a short lifespan.
This new offering is a five-reel slots affair and comes complete with the kind of potential winnings which will see you gamers out there who are partial to a spin or two hot footing it over to the Virgin Bingo site in order to sample the goods. What makes this brand new slots game even more impressive however is the fact that it runs on a progressive jackpot system, allowing for potentially life-changing victories and sums of cash.
Bear in mind gamers that in the past, fellow slots fans have become millionaires simply by taking part in some progressive slots action, so this brand new offering from the Virgin Bingo team couldn't have arrived at a better time. For all the relative details on this game, and other current offers which are on the table over at Virgin bingo, pop on over to their very busy site today.

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