Brand New Slots Game at Virgin Bingo.

Virgin Bingo

Virgin Bingo has been ridiculously busy of late, adding new games and promos by the ton and this week has been no different. Gamers have been flocking to the Virgin Bingo site since Tuesday in order to check out their latest offering, a brand new slots game which features an odd, but arresting theme. As you gamers will no doubt already be aware, slots, on the whole, feature some rather random themes, ensuring that most tastes are catered for. Well, if you happen to be something of a cat lover, then this brand new offering from the team behind the scenes at Virgin Bingo will be right up your street as it incorporates a rather impressive feline vibe.

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This brand new game is a five line slot and features all the high quality graphic you might have come to expect from a site which boasts the kind of reputation which Virgin currently enjoy. It goes under the very fitting name of 'Cats' which, though fairly obvious, certainly gives you gamers the correct impression of the general feeling which game offers. There are also many reasons to check this game out as far as prizes go, with cash amounts to make the most miserable gamer purr.

Add to this fact the notion of a double payout promise on Halloween, and right now, the Virgin Bingo site looks like a very inviting place indeed. If you happen to be a member of this site already, then make sure you don't miss out this brand new offering. For those of you who are not already signed up over at the Virgin Bingo site, now is a fine time to remedy said problem as new gamers are treated to £5 free (for starters) when they sign on the virtual dotted line. To find out more, visit the Virgin Bingo site today.

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