Dream Bingo Wednesday Night Prize Events.

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At Dream Bingo on a Wednesday night, the still hugely popular 'Princey’s Prizes' promotion plays off at 8pm and there are some very impressive prizes up for grabs in this hotly anticipated game. It looks like the team behind the scenes at the Dream Bingo site have been putting in some extra shifts of late in order to bring you the very best prizes he can find because currently on offer on a Wednesday night are iPods, Digital Cameras, Perfume and tons of shopping vouchers to boot; all in all a very impressive bundle which needs to be claimed by one lucky gamer.

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The 'Princey’s Prizes' event is certainly a hugely anticipated game, however you do need to be in ownership of a full membership. Still, seeing as Dream Bingo are also currently offering a very generous welcome offer of up to £200 on your first deposit bonus, now is a good time to investigate things a little further over at the Dream Bingo website and make sure that you have all the relative details in order to take part.

Dream Bingo is a site which is fast gaining something of a reputation on the online gaming circuit. Though it isn't a new site by any means, gamers are still paying their first visits to this site and as such, the amount of gamers is constantly growing. Of course, this is good news all round because as the number of bingo lovers who pay the site a visit increases, so does the quality of the prizes on offer. So, to find out more about this site, and this particular promotion, pay the Dream Bingo site a visit today in order to take full advantage of this weekly event.

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