Gala Bingo Preference Settings Make You the Boss.

Gala Bingo

There are so many different clubs and games over at Gala Bingo that the kind and imaginative chaps behind the cool exterior have recently made it possible for gamers to set their own preferences, thereby making for an all round much simpler online gaming experience.

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Although we all love a good game of bingo, it is key to remember that many games, the majority in fact, are not actually free to enter and therefore, gaming responsibly is something we all should be doing. At Gala Bingo however, you can take your level of control a step higher because players now have the option of setting their own individual preferences when they log in for some quality gaming time.

Taking charge of these settings preferences is a rewarding experience. Essentially, once you've chosen your favourites, all these games and promotions will be waiting for you in an instant so as to avoid traipsing through the site looking for your usual games and promotions. Gamers can use the navigation bar, which is found on the main screen to set these preferences. This feature also allows you to stay in the same chat window and move from one room to another.

Gala Bingo are also offering up linked  games, and generally speaking these events are where even bigger prize pots are available to lucky gamers. They link two or more clubs at any given time so that gamers can participate in the same games, even from different locations.

Advanced ticket purchases are available for these games to make them even more accessible than ever before and you don’t even need to be in the room to play at the time of the game. For more details, visit theGala Bingo site today.

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