Thanks to X-Factor, Virgin Bingo Offer New Free Games.

Virgin Bingo

Virgin Bingo are currently offering gamers a special Saturday night treat in the format of a couple of hours of free bingo action. The super popular online gaming giant has recently seen a huge increase in the numbers of gamers flocking through their virtual doors thanks to a very warmly received holiday game, one which could see one of you gamers flying out to Miami to spend part of the winter in the sun. In a bid to reward this influx of new gamers, as well as many of you pre-existing members, the Virgin Bingo team have just added a two hour period of free bingo action for gamers to enjoy on a Saturday evening.

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Kicking off at 7.30pm on a Saturday, these special hours of free gaming are being heralded as another wonderful offer from the Virgin Bingo board, and as such, expect to see even more gamers flocking to this popular site to enjoy special free bingo events on a Saturday night. In order to enter, you will first need a valid account, then you must also ensure that you use the correct code in order to enjoy these games for nothing, a code which can be located on the Virgin Bingo site.

As if this wasn't enough to make gamers salivate, these free games also have a rather popular theme. See, Saturdays are fast becoming known for a certain TV show. Yes, X-Factor mania is very much still upon the nation and as such, these free bingo games have an air of the show about them. For more details, pop on over to the Virgin Bingo site today, where terms, conditions and all additional information can be found in abundance. Roll on the weekend.

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