Unique Take on the Speed Game Concept at Ruby Bingo.

Ruby Bingo

These days, speed games are all the rage and, though Ruby Bingo are certainly not the only site on the web in the business of offering a fast alternative to the usual, lengthy yet very enjoyable bingo experience, their particular brand of speed games are very pleasing indeed, and are highly entertaining to say the least and are even being heralded as some of the best on the net at the minute. The Ruby Bingo 'High Velocity' games are designed to entitle you gamers who are unfortunate enough to have your time allocated to rather tight schedules the chance to enjoy as much bingo fun as you can in a very small space of time. Still, as this is Ruby Bingo we are talking about here, expect an added bonus.

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The High Velocity games at Ruby Bingo are not only fast games which allow maximum enjoyment on a painfully small time frame, they also contain an added and exciting aspect, designed to encourage an early victory, thereby also making the games even faster. Yes, every single game sees the standard £100 pot decrease by £10, assuming that nobody has already scooped the top prize that is. In adding this feature, Ruby Bingo are clearly intending to ensure that you gamers go all out in the time that you do have to commit to the event. The earlier you win, the more you win. Simple stuff, but entertaining none the less.

These correctly titled games play three times across the day, once at noon, again at four in the afternoon and there is a final event at eleven at night, all of which take place in the 'cloud nine' room over at the Ruby Bingo site. These High Velocity games have already been met with a very positive response from both gamers and critics alike and, as tickets are very reasonable, you should certainly allow yourselves a little bit of time every day to sample the joys of these popular speed games.

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