Sunday Winners at Moon Bingo.

Moon Bingo

Moon Bingo is already pretty well known for their generous prizes and large cash pots. Still, this weekend just passed saw some unfathomably impressive wins, some that might even make your weekend seem a little mundane in comparison.

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For starters, the gamer who plays under the alias of 'MEGSMUM71' won over £3,000 by taking part in side games over at the Moon Bingo site, a truly wondrous amount of cash by anybodies standards and particularly pleasing for a Sunday afternoons entertainment. Yet, with over £410,000 paid out in total yesterday alone at the Moon Bingo site, this particular win was actually pretty small when compared to some of the other big cash victories which took place over at Moon.

The gamer who plays under the alias of 'scitea' won just over £5,000 at Moon Bingo yesterday, a stunning win and one which no doubt brought a whole different spin on the traditional sleepy Sunday vibe in their household. Again however, this is merely a drop in the ocean compared to a couple of other big money wins, as was the fantastic amount that the gamer who plays under the name of 'winningstreak11' won, another £5,000 plus pot prize.

Yes, the biggest win of the weekend was truly stupendous to behold and went to the lucky gamer who plays under the moniker of 'xxxsiddiexxx'. This gamer, thanks to her love of slots, managed to scoop a truly mind melting £17,776, plus some change! Fantastic stuff indeed and we here at would like to offer our congratulations to this super lucky gamer. To check the winners list at Moon Bingo for yourselves, why not pay this generous site a visit? Safe to say that the gamers we have mentioned here will be very glad they popped over during the weekend.

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