Thursday Evening Big Money Games at Think Bingo.

Think Bingo

Think Bingo have added a few finishing touches to their already rather impressive roster of games recently by tweaking their Thursday night games. Indeed, this Thursday night could well see you gamers become much better off than you might have expected with their hugely enticing £1,000 evening games. What makes this event even more impressive is that the tickets (which thankfully can be pre-bought for ease) are wonderfully good value at only 25 pence a pop, not at all expensive when you think about the amount of money you stand to make should you have lady luck on your side.

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Of course there are plenty of other equally impressive promotions and offers on the table at Think Bingo this week and if you just cannot wait until Thursday night for some top drawer bingo play, then there are plenty of other promotions on offer which boast prizes such as digital camcorders, brand new TV sets and all sorts of equally pleasing prizes and goodies to make your online bingo experience fully worthwhile. Bear in mind that there isn't much time left until this special Thursday night event kicks off so for further information, why not nip on over to the Think Bingo site where all the terms and conditions can be found in abundance.

Currently, new gamers are also being treated to a whole heap of special deals and offers when they sign on the virtual dotted line. So, if you are not already part of the Think Bingo family, today would be a very good time to at least check out the current array of deals and events which help to make the Think Bingo site a very exciting prospect all week long, not just on Thursdays.

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