More Weekly Winners at the Bingo Café Site.

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One site which has been increasing the contents of the bank accounts of many a gamer of late is the super popular and still relatively young Bingo Café site; they've been handing out pots of cash left right and centre over the last seven days it would seem. The biggest winner of the week, thus far over at the Bingo Café site was the lucky gamer who uses the alias of 'houseoflove'. This gamer has claimed a fine prize of over a grand already this week, despite the fact that is has barely even begun! Not a bad way to kick off on a Monday, I'm sure you'll all agree.

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A site like Bingo Café is not only famed for its bingo events. Side games are pretty much as big a draw to the majority of sites out there on the web these days as the so called bingo 'main events', which is why, when on closer inspection, the majority of big money wins which take place across the online bingo community seem to come from slots games and other equally popular sides. This is certainly the case over at Bingo Café where not only are the bingo games nicely stocked in terms of jackpots, the sides are paying out too. Take the gamer who plays under the alias of 'greenlife64', who won over £900 thanks to side games alone. Certainly, there is a lot of cash being thrown around at the Bingo Café site at the moment.

To maybe find yourself on the next released weekly list of big money winners, why not pop on over to the Bingo Café website today? Safe to say that if you enjoy your bingo with something of a prize at the end of it, rather than just for the sake of playing, you will be very happy you gave this particular site a visit. All terms and conditions on each of their games are also available at the Bingo Café site.

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