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Titan Bingo have announced plans to add brand new linked games to their already fine array of bingo games which mean that the amount of cash you gamers are in with a chance of winning has just gone up significantly, good news for any gamer who happens to on the lookout for a good deal this month. Titan Bingo may still be something of a young site but with moves like this under their sleeves, the future is looking very bright, not just for the Titan brand name, but also for any gamers out there who happen to enjoy their online bingo action at this Titan Bingo site. After all, change can be positive.

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Linked games, or linx games as they are also known are one of the more popular aspects of the online gaming world as they offer significantly increased jackpots on games due to the fact that they are linked to other events which are playing elsewhere, therefore often doubling (at least) the amount of cash in the communal pot. These games have proved to be hugely popular at many bingo sites so this move from the team behind the scenes at Titan Bingo is certainly liable to get gamers in a bit of a frenzy.

Playing every hour from 12pm to 12am, these impressive linked games offer up some very pleasing jackpots and should you fancy getting yourselves involved, simply pop on over to Titan Bingo today to check the terms and conditions. Whilst you're over at the Titan Bingo website, why not check the promotions tab on their homepage because with October in full flow, there are of course a whole range of promotions on the virtual table right now, many of which are worth your time and effort, and may just see your bingo dollar stretched to a pleasing new level.

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