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Totesport Bingo

Totesport Bingo, a site which is often considered to be something of a well kept secret amongst gamers has introduced a very pleasing new welcome package this month, one which is likely to see their list of regulars increase massively. Of course, the welcome deal is a staple of online bingo sites, what with the competition being so very fervent these days.

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With this in mind, choosing which site is the right one for you can often be something of a chore in itself. Considering that you have plenty to choose from, it can be a real challenge picking the right place to play your favourite games which is why when a site introduces a brand new welcome deal, they are liable to rise on your list of priorities and as such, Totesport Bingo might soon become one of your new favourite sites.

The Totesport Bingo site is currently offering a fine welcome scheme, and one which takes a strangely new route. See, if you try to log on to the Totesport Bingo site at the moment, you are met with a simple yet effective page which offers you gamers £10 free when you sign up. This way there is no messing about with percentages and you gamers can get a lot out of £10 free play. So, if you fancy giving them a go this month, check out the terms and conditions which can be found at the Totesport Bingo address.

Whilst there, why not take a gander at some of the other deals which are currently on offer over at the Totesport Bingo site? There are re-load deals, fine games and special one off promotions as well as a whole host of side games which are guaranteed to please even the most ardent gamer.

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