Lucky Emerald Room Winners at Jackpot Joy Bingo Last Week.

Jackpot Joy Bingo

Jackpot Joy Bingo have been busy paying out large amounts of cash this week to gamers who have put in the hard work. Indeed this is one site which is spreading the wealth and thanks to the wide variety of games which are on offer, there are now many differing ways for you gamers to get your hands on very sizeable pots.

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The full house Bingo Emerald at Jackpot Joy Bingo certainly offers great value for money as you gamers can purchase your tickets for as little as a penny each, a bargain in anyone's book. Still, despite the inclusion of the word 'bargain' in the title of these games, there are still large amounts of cash to be won.

Take the lucky gamer 'Geri D'  as she has chosen to be known because last week she scooped up a fantastic £2,500 at the Jackpot Joy website, playing this very game. As you might imagine, she was more than happy with this very impressive win, especially as she has only spent a few pennies on tickets in her time at the site thus far, stating; “Like it is for everyone else, this win could not have come at a better time” she gushed.

There were plenty of big money wins in the Emerald Room over at Jackpot Joy Bingo last week with prizes reaching as impressive an amount as £3,000. So, safe to say that if you have some spare change this week, you know where to get value for your money. For more details on the many games which are on offer over at the Jackpot Joy Bingo site, why not pay them a visit when you next get a moment? There are many entertaining games to whet your appetite on offer.

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