Enjoy the Price is Right Side Game at Virgin Bingo this Month.

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Be it Deal or no Deal bingo games or X-Factor sides, the worlds of T.V entertainment and online bingo are certainly well matched and are often conjoined at many of the best online bingo sites. Not ones to be left out in the cold, Virgin Bingo are still offering up a TV show themed slot game based on the classic programme, 'The Price is Right' and if you are yet to sample the goods, now is as good a time as you'll get to pop on over and have a bash at what is proving to be a very popular side game indeed.

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This 5 line slot game comes complete with three snazzy bonus features as well as a big wheel which gives gamers the chance to win even larger prizes than they might have imagined. A spokesperson for Virgin said, “The Price is Right will further enhance the site's popularity with gamers across the U.K and abroad. The game will appeal, not only to those who are familiar with the TV show, but also those who are looking to win serious cash prizes and V Points, which we believe offer some of the best incentives of any online gaming site.” It would appear that they are hoping that this game will remain a hit and at the moment, they appear to be getting their wish.

Virgin Games was launched by the Virgin Group a few years back in 2004 and has  established itself as a major player in the world of online gaming, mainly due to the fact that Virgin Games is three times the size of many rivals, incorporating Virgin Bingo, Virgin Casino and Virgin Poker but it is the Bingo side of the chart which is creating the most noise at the minute and games such as 'The Price is Right' are certainly not slowing down their progression. To try the game yourselves, visit Virgin Bingo today.

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