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It's always good to have a head start on the world of online bingo because there are so many new promotions and games knocked together on a daily basis that you wouldn't be judged if you were to forget any of them. I mean, if it wasn't for the fact that I spend my time writing about them, I too would without a doubt have serious trouble keeping up to date on what is to happen and where. In all honesty, nobody owns a big enough diary to mark it all down so it’s important to choose the best promotions and make note of them, ones like the following for example.

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Yes, over at Think Bingo on a Saturday, the prizes make the games very much worth getting involved in. Ask yourselves games, what amount of cash would a game need to offer up in order to get you hooked, before it had even started? Well, if the chance of winning a guaranteed £2,000 floats you boat, then you'll certainly want to investigate this special Saturday night event a little further.

This game is a 90 ball bingo affair and it kicks off at 9pm on a Saturday evening over at the Think Bingo site. Now, we understand fully that Saturday nights are usually reserved for partying. With this in mind, those of you who love a good solid bash at the bingo, as well as being partial to a good party atmosphere, this game is very much the one for you. So, for further details, including how much the tickets are into this fine Saturday night game, pop on over to Think Bingo today.

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