Chit Chat Bingo Thursdays are Top Notch.

Chit Chat Bingo

To be fair, Thursdays were once fairly innocuous days. In fact, you would've had to be pretty odd to consider Thursdays as anything other than a step away from the weekend. Well, if your Thursday nights could still do with improving, then Chit Chat Bingo is the place for you.  Chit Chat Bingo have been enjoying a growing reputation within the online gaming community recently and it is in no small part down to promotions such as these that Chit Chat Bingo continues to grow in terms of popularity.

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Thursday nights are a real smash hit at this site as between 9 and 10pm, Chit Chat Bingo give away a guaranteed £2,000 in a single, super exciting hour. With seven £100 and two £500 guaranteed prizes up for grabs, safe to say that if this doesn’t make up your mind to become a member of Chit Chat Bingo, then nothing else will in all fairness. Thursdays at Chit Chat Bingo are certainly money spinners but one of the best aspects of this site is the undeniable value for money which can be found. Some games cost as little as a penny over at Chit Chat Bingo so you would have to a silly individual not to check out the current offers.

If you fancy trying your hand at this brilliant Thursday night session or any of their cheap games and you aren’t a member of Chit Chat Bingo, join today and they will give you £10 in free bingo money when you register and make a deposit of £10. This pound for pound offer is available up to an amount of £125, so if you would like to deposit more, you will feel the benefits.

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