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Sun Bingo

With summer finally over, it seems only fitting that the weather has gone a little nuts of late. Rain has poured from the sky in a crazy style over the last few days and to think, just a couple of weeks ago, the nation was a blaze and people were donning their shorts and sandals across the nation. Well, as is standard with the weather here in the United Kingdom, things have cooled off a touch recently but not to worry, because over at Sun Bingo things are really starting to heat up as their fine 'super' games go to show.

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Yes, there are a whole host of new aspects to the Sun Bingo website at the moment but the best by far are these new Super Jackpot games which, as their name suggests are pretty huge in terms of cash! Essentially there are six jackpots to be won, each standing at a whopping £25,000 each, an amount of money which is guaranteed to change your lives, whatever your current economic state. To be in with a chance of winning this game, all you need to do is play the regular bingo games over at Sun because these huge jackpots have been added to the 10 pence 90 ball games which take place at the popular bingo website.

See, Sun Bingo like to keep things simple and as such, winning one of these fantastic jackpots really couldn't be easier. All you need in order to be in with a shot is ten pence and a bit of luck (the latter might be harder to come by but who knows). So, if you're tired of playing for pennies and fancy a really tasty jackpot or two to play for, Sun Bingo is the place for you this October.

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