Costa Bingo Welcome New Gamers in Some Style.

Costa Bingo

Bingo websites are famed for many things. Most of these wonderful uses of web space are brightly coloured, well designed and fun places where you bingo lovers can enjoy a good game or two in the hope of winning some decent amounts of money too.

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Well, one more thing that has become synonymous with online bingo is the fantastic welcome that gamers receive when they first log onto a site. Of course, it pays for theses online bingo providers to be as hospitable as possible because, even though you gamers are getting huge kicks out of their services, if it wasn't for you then these sites could not exist and believe me folks, the competition is huge out there on the world wide web in terms of bingo websites. So, these special welcoming offers and introductory bonuses are certainly worth enjoying and at some websites, they've really gone all out to make you gamers feel instantly wanted.

At Costa Bingo this month, join the ever growing ranks of gamers who enjoy their online bingo at Costa already and you will receive a fantastic 200% bonus on your first deposit. Sounds pretty good doesn't it? Well, that's not all by a long shot. Most bingo sites offer some kind of deposit bonus so at Costa, they've decided to up the ante somewhat.

If you deposit the nominal amount of £10, Costa will not only give you £20 for free, you'll also receive an invite to play in free bingo games for the next 24 hour period. Each of these ‘First Time Depositor Freebie’ games has a £20 jackpot for grabs and they play every 15 minutes, from 10am right through to 10pm. So, if you are looking for the ultimate welcome, we might well have found it folks; head over to Costa Bingo today.

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