Dream Bingo Go All Out to Welcome New Gamers.

Dream Bingo

In all walks of life it is nice to feel welcomed. Rarely though will you ever feel as welcomed in your day to day lives as you do in the online bingo world. Imagine starting a new job, all dressed up and nervous, meeting your colleagues only to then be introduced to your new boss who, simply because you have just joined the company gives you an extra week’s wages? It never happens sadly but in the world of online bingo, such a welcome is standard procedure and at Dream Bingo this month, they appreciate your custom so much that they are going all out to welcome you to their online gaming site with open arms and a pot of cash!

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As it states at their very snazzily designed website, all new players at Dream Bingo can receive up to £200 of Free Bingo Bonus Money (Bbz) with their one off 200% First Deposit Bonus. If your first-deposit is £100 or more you will qualify for the maximum Bbz available. This fantastic bonus gives players more of a chance to strike it lucky when they play at Dream Bingo. In addition, assuming you like what they have to offer (and we assume that you will), then your second deposit will also be rewarded with a further 25% bonus on whatever amount you decide to credit your gaming account with.

As is standard these days, this bonus money can only be used at their site, otherwise everyone would sign up, take the free money and scarper right? Well, such are the quality of the games at dream that even if they did offer you free money which you could simply withdraw, you'd probably stick around and spend it there.

But don't take our word for it, visit Dream Bingo today to take advantage of this generous welcome offer.

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