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Feeling like a VIP is the kind of thing that many of us gamers have become used to in recent times. Now, thought this is clearly a  wonderful thing, there are occasions where getting involved in online bingo events, ones which would once have made you feel like James Bond himself now seem slightly run of the mill.

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It's the only downside to all the special treatment that we gamers have come to expect from our favourite pastime; we are basically getting spoiled folks! It's true! Well, if you are looking to regain that special vibe of VIP-ness (if that is a word, and I don't think that it is), you might want to pop along to the Dream Bingo site when you next get a chance because they are offering Premier games, and you can all get in on the action.

Yes, these games will certainly have you feeling like a VIP once again folks, we guarantee it! Let me prove it to you though. There are multiple premier games on offer and each boasts the kind of game play which will have you forgetting that you're playing in your own home and leave you thinking you were in much more palatial surroundings. There are also big money prizes on offer in these games which are not to be sniffed at, going all the way up to a cool one thousand squid!

So, if you are looking to reclaim that special vibe which you once got from playing VIP games at certain sites, the folks behind the scenes at Dream Bingo have cooked up the games for you, and we would strongly recommend you pop along and give them a go this October. They aren't called premier games for nothing you know.

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