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Once you reach a certain age, perhaps your early to mid twenties, the whole notion of time becomes a little strange. Whereas once upon a time, the hours would pass by like years, this suddenly switches around and years seem to pass by like hours! Well, do not fear.

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Over at Posh Bingo, they've come up with a scheme that ensure that even the busiest gamers have plenty of time to play their favourite bingo games and win some fine prizes whilst they do so. See, every day at Posh Bingo between 7.30am and 11am, there are super fast games of bingo taking place which will suit the early bird with a need for speed right down to the ground and will even allow some gamers to get involved before work starts!

These 'Posh MPH' games as they are titled are proving to be something of a hit already over at the Posh Bingo website and this might have something to do with the fact that they offer all the thrills of online gaming but at a ridiculous pace. Essentially, gamers get four dabs in order to win and, as the games are sped up substantially, there are still plenty of chances to win, otherwise the games wouldn't work.

Instead of actual cash however, these games offer up bonus points but as we all know by now, these points are as good as cash in the bingo bank because they can be exchanged for all sorts of bingo based goodies including tickets and cards. So, if you happen to be in some serious need for a bash at the bingo but do not have enough hours in the day to get your fix, as long as you can handle the early starts, Posh Bingo is the place for you every morning.

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