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At the moment, there are tons of guaranteed money games over at Ruby Bingo, playing throughout the week. There are daily guaranteed games which boast some impressive pots in the region of £500, but there are also bigger, more impressive games taking place at this site over the course of a week. There is, for starters, a big money guaranteed game taking place three times over a weekend, on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday night called Money Mountain.    

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The world of online bingo relies heavily on luck, whether we wish to admit it, or indeed think too hard on the subject or not. Sure, it can understandably be hard to accept this fact sometimes, but it is a fact, whether we like it or not. Yes, a certain Miss Lady Luck has a large say as to who of us wins at the bingo and who goes home empty handed, but that doesn't mean that it cannot be you, far from it. For this reason, the guaranteed game is something of a hit, and it's easy to see why.

Sometimes, playing in a big millionaire maker game can be a painful experience because, after all the hype has vanished, the winner can be left wondering why they aren't rolling in cash, because these games only boast guaranteed pots of a few hundred quid, and not the millions of cash which are offered up at the start. Naughty is not the word. So, if you are looking to play in a big money game, which boasts the kind of pot which you can actually claim, Ruby Bingo is not a bad site to visit this August.

Now these games offer up a much more impressive cash prize than many of the other guaranteed games on the web, as we are talking thousands here folks, not hundreds. So, if you want to find out more about these games, pop on over to the Ruby Bingo site when you next get a chance in preparation for the forthcoming events.

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