Posh Bingo Slots are Still a Big Hit.

Posh Bingo

Believe it or not, side games were once just a nice way to waste a bit of time in between bingo tournaments. No, honestly they were! These days however, side games such as scratch cards, virtual slot machines and roulette to name but a few of the many differing chunks of entertainment which adorn bingo sites across the web often boast jackpots which can rival some of bingo's best and this is certainly the case over at Posh Bingo.

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It seems to be something of a weekly event at the moment, writing about another huge victory on the side games at Posh Bingo and believe me folks, I am more than happy to report on stories of good luck such as this; it should help bring us all a bit of hope!

Until recently, the record win on the side games over at Posh Bingo was a whopping £45,557 which was scooped up by the gamer Carley Houghton back in January. Of course this is a truly stupendous amount of money to be won by anyone, on any game but it seems that Posh Bingo are in the business of smashing records at the minute because this amount has now been bettered!

Yes, this win has since been bettered and thanks to the Fluffy Favourites slots game over at Posh Bingo, the amounts of cash which are constantly changing hands can only get even more impressive. Yes, once again the bar has been raised over at the Posh Bingo site. The question is folks, how high can these jackpots get?

To get involved and possibly become the next gamer to smash this record, pop on over to Posh Bingo today and check out their wide selection of side games because with jackpots like this on offer, you would be utterly crazy not to!

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