Fridays at Paddy Power Bingo are Still a Bit Naughty!

Paddy Power Bingo

Just because you are staying in for the night, that doesn't mean you cannot have some cheeky fun. In fact, you are openly encouraged to get a little bit frisky over at the Paddy Power Bingo site on a Friday, what with the moderators being similarly minded, it could well get a little bit naughty, as the name of this new promotion suggests.

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Now, we bingo players might often find ourselves being a little bit misjudged, after all, ask many a none bingo playing character to describe the typical bingo lover and they'll probably paint a mental picture of an old dear with a blue rinse. Well, that isn't the case here at Paddy Power Bingo, especially on a Friday night and it's safe to say that is you embarrass easily, then perhaps this game isn't for you!    

Though it is not like us here at to make bold statements, Fridays are pretty much guaranteed to be the best night of the week. You know, what with the weekend starting and all that jazz. Well, if you are looking to celebrate the birth of the weekend in some style, you might wish to garnish your Friday night with a large dollop of bingo action right? Well, if this is the case, then you will most likely want to get on over to the Paddy Power Bingo site, because Fridays are rather cheeky at this fine online gaming website.

To find out more about this game however, should be feeling pretty open minded, why not nip across to thePaddy Power Bingo site between now and Friday evening as there you will find all the relative information such as times, cost and prizes, as well as all the terms and conditions. Remember, only the cheekiest gamers need turn up to this event folks.

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