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Maybe it has something to do with the current economic climate, maybe not, but all of a sudden bingo websites across the land are suddenly becoming all clingy and offering their customers numerous trinkets for their loyalty. Whether it be free games of bingo or inclusion in a special raffle, whatever the reason for this new found generosity it's certainly a wise move and one that gamers will surely appreciate; after all, it's nice to be recognised and Moon Bingo are certainly doing that at the minute.

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The nice people over at Moon Bingo have just introduced a delightful new loyalty scheme which enables loyal gamers to collect coveted moon points which can be easily converted into all important bingo tickets for genuine cash prizes! Nice.

Collecting these new Moon Points is as easy as it sounds; essentially, you can collect them whilst you enjoy the array of chat-based games on offer, referring a friend to the site, sending in interesting pictures to the Moon Bingo team or telling them about your bingo experiences, and of course, simply playing online bingo the at Moon Bingo site.

Keeping track of these precious Moon Points is about as simple as acquiring them and by simply clicking on the 'accounts' tab on the site, gamers can check out their current amount and as 1,000 points equals £1, these points add up pretty fast. So there you have it people, loyalty pays and at Moon Bingo, this is now literal! For those of you who are unfamiliar with the site however, why not have a gander at the games on offer and see whether or not you quite fancy collecting Moon Points too.

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