Stress Free Bingo at Ladbrokes.

Ladbrokes Bingo

Now, to be fair, bingo has never really been the kind of game likely to induce a blind panic in its participants. Of course it's an exciting pastime but it's by no means a stressful one now is it? Well, if you happen to enjoy your online bingo at Ladbrokes, it is now completely 100% stress free thanks to their brand new promotion which will see you gamers who take part reimbursed if you don't win! Now there is a promotion we'd all like to see become a permanent fixture right? Well, at the moment at least, this brand new promo is sadly only temporary which means that from now until Sunday the 11th of April, there will be games which guarantee you at least a risk free level of entertainment.

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Tickets for these fantastic stress free games are as little as a penny and, in a bid to ensure that everybody has a fair chance of winning, gamers are limited to buying twelve tickets each; a move which might seem frustrating at first but is the only fair move and a welcome one if you ask us. Think of these games as being essentially free bingo games and with a possible £500 jackpot, they'd be worth playing even if it wasn't for this polite extra aspect.

These games take place in the Attic every day from 10 am until 1pm and then later on you'll get another chance to play along in the Snug from 5pm, assuming you're busy during the day. So, if you're looking for bingo entertainment but don't fancy risking even a single penny of your own hard earned capital, why not visit the only site on the web which is currently offering this wonderful stress free bingo this week, Ladbrokes.

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