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The way in which certain things are advertised usually has a great deal of sway in terms of how much you gamers will pay attention. Don't worry, this isn't a dig by any means because we are all very much led by advertising, even if we don't think that we are. I myself have been suckered into buying certain things in the past, just because the adverts have stood out, and not always in a positive way, yet they've still caught my attention.

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Well, advertising is also key in bingo terms which is why you might have missed the news that Moon Bingo are offering very impressive Happy Times games at the minute. See, there were once a whole host of adverts on the TV for the Moon Bingo site but they have been a little quiet of late. Still, we won’t let you miss out on any of their top notch promos folks, you can guarantee that!

See, from 2pm until 5pm from Monday to Thursday over at Moon Bingo is what they are referring to as a 'happy time' and the name is very much accurate. See, calling these periods happy hours would be incorrect as they are much longer than that but they are certainly just as impressive if not more so than any of the happy hour promotions which are available out there on the wide world of online bingo at the minute.

These happy times work as deposit bolstering periods which, assuming you qualify will see you entitled to much greater amounts of cash when you deposit money. For the full terms, conditions and any further details, pop on over to Moon Bingo today.

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